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For Sellers

E-Mall is an E-Commerce website established in 2021 by experts from the E-Commerce industry. The idea of creating E-MALL website was to provide shoppers in Yemen with quality handpicked item and brands. We bring you the best of items available on the market.

E-Mall delivers orders in Sana’a. (Soon will be delivered to all Yemeni governorates)

E-Mall offers the following:

  1. An integrated online store and a store Dashboard that allows sellers to:
    • Add and manage their products and inventory
    • Add offers and discounts
    • Add and manage orders
    • Control all the features of the store
    • View all orders
    • Reports
    • Add payment and delivery methods
    • Controlling the colors and design of the store for subscribers of the Unlimited packages

2. Processing orders, packaging and delivery in Sana’a Governorate.

3. Displaying goods in the market and coordinating joint bids.

4. E-marketing and content management services.

5. Graphics and imaging services.

6. Training and qualification on store management and cooperation in adding products.

7. Consultations and advice.

  • Low monthly subscription fees and commission according to the agreement.
  • You can register and try the site for 14 days.
  • Our platform and services make it easy to manage your online store and promote and grow your business.
  • Our platform makes your products reach a large segment of buyers by promoting on various social media platforms.

Any commercial store, institution or company that has a valid commercial register can sell on E-Mall, and also individuals who hold an ID card  can be sell. Selling on E-Mall requires your agreement to the seller agreement and provide us a photo of your valid ID or commercial registration.

First, register as a seller by clicking (register now) or (start selling), and your request will be reviewed and we will contact you to complete the rest of the procedures.

Then the store will open and you will be trained on how to use.

You can click here to see the steps

Products & Inventory

E-Mall provides many categories of goods and products that can be sold on the site, and it may be more useful to know the products that cannot be sold on the site, as follows:

Prohibited goods according to the laws of the Republic of Yemen.

Medical drugs, sexual tonics, medical devices and equipment.

– Liquors and spirits.

– Explosives, firearms and everything related to them.

– Animals, birds and fish.

-Gold, diamonds and precious jewels.

– Cars and their spare parts.

– Land and real estate.

– Tobacco and cigarettes.

– Chemicals and dangerous products.

– All devices harmful to humans.

– Goods that do not work at all, damaged or need to repair.

– Items that are expired and unusable.

– Every commodity or product not mentioned above and which is prohibited to be dealt with by law, or any commodity or product that may be offered and dealt with, then a law or official instructions were issued to prevent its sale and promotion.

Adding products in E-Mall is an easy process, after registering as a seller on the site, you will see the product Dashboard for your store, through which you can add products easily.

Yes, E-Mall provides professional product photography and content management service. You can contact us for assistance through the email: [email protected] or contact us via the number 778909764

E-Mall believes in the importance of protecting the buyer, so all sellers must abide by this condition and provide a guarantee of product safety and freedom from manufacturing defects upon delivery to the buyer, and the buyer has the right to return the product within 24 hours in the event that a defect is discovered in the product.

If the products do not exceed the number which available in the selected package, there is no fee for listing the products on the site. But if the number of products exceeds the number allowed in the package, the seller will need to transfer to the larger package. To view these packages, click here.

Order Management

E-Mall charges a percentage fee on the type of product, and this percentage ranges between 5-2% of the total price of the product, so we advise the seller to contact us before adding the price of the product to find out what percentage E-Mall charges and add it to the total price.

E-Mall is responsible for receiving products from sellers after checking them and delivering them to buyers either by E-Mall’s self-delivery service or by using one of its contracted carriers. It is also possible to let the seller deliver the products if he has the possibility to do so.

In order to know the return and refund mechanism, please click here

Payments and accounts

E-Mall delivers the amount to sellers in cash if the payment for sales is upon receipt or within 3-7 days (and this is a maximum) .E-Mall will deliver the amount in the seller’s preferred method, either by money order or cash.

The seller is free to price his products, taking into account the commission charged by E-Mall for each product according to the fee schedule shown for this.

 E-Mall encourages sellers to set competitive and reasonable prices to encourage buyers to shop online, which will benefit the seller by increasing sales and reducing operational costs in the future.

Tips for better electronic selling

  1. Choosing the right products at the right time

The key to being successful in selling online is largely dependent on the right choice of what to sell and the right time to sell it. There are so many things you can sell how do you choose?

Here are some tips to make this decision a little easier:

    • Selling things people need
    • Choose products that have a global demand
    • Selling things you have specialized knowledge about
    • Selling things for seasons, holidays and occasions

2. Show the product list in a professional manner using high quality images and a clear and complete description of the products

3. Price your products at competitive prices

4. Offer offers and discounts

5. Constantly keep a record of the amount of remaining stock

6. Be ready to process the order on time and pack the required products in an orderly and safe manner

7. Communicate and deal with customers with credibility and professionalism and maintain the high rating of the seller

8. Post and share your products and offers


If you have more questions, please contact us via:

 Email: [email protected]

 Call or WhatsApp: 00967-778909764

 Hotline: 00967-736992245

Message: Via the site in the live chat.

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