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Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopping online

Advantage and disadvantage of shopping online

Nowadays people are shopping more online, you can see that in a number of businesses and groups on Facebook. and some people prefer the old traditional way of shopping which is going to the store.

In Yemen, there are two types of online shops. The First and most common is through Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Usually, the retailer establishes a Facebook page to promote his products and sell them online by receiving the order through messaging. some don’t have physical shops and they work from home, so selling online through Facebook or Instagram is their only channel.

The other type is an e-commerce platform like E-Mall which allows customers to browse the product and make an order with ease. In E-Mall, for example, the vendor can start selling online in minutes, and the platform allows the vendor to manage their store from their dashboard.

Whether you like online shopping or traditional in-store shopping we have compiled some of the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online.

The advantages of shopping Online

  1. Shop from any place

Online shopping makes shopping so easy and convenient, you can shop from anywhere, whether at your home or workplace, all you need is a mobile or a laptop, internet, and an address to receive the order.

2. Choice

We all know shopping at the physical store is a real pain and to have more choices you have to visit more shops you need to visit all the shops in that area only. On the other hand, online shopping gave you a lot of choices you can visit shops and see and compare different products without even leaving your home.

3. International Availability

In addition to the local market, Shopping online gives access to the international market, you can buy from any place in the world if there is shipping to Yemen.

4. Prices Comparisons and Reviews

Shopping online gives an easy way to compare product prices and also allows one to view product reviews from customers that already bought the product.

Relaxed Decision Making

We all hate when the salesperson tries to sell you something which may pressure you to buy something you don’t want to you leave the store, online shopping makes you relax in searching for products without any pressure from shop salesmen.

8. Always Open

Online purchasing is not restricted to specific times of the day, unlike traditional stores that have opening hours. You may purchase whenever you want.

9. No Transport Issues

When you purchase online, the items you order are delivered right to your door. You won’t have to worry about parking, paying for gas to go somewhere, or standing in line to get something.

The disadvantages of Online shopping

8. Can’t Inspect or Try Products

You can’t try out the product in advance when you buy online. Neither can you touch a product, or see it close up with your own eyes. This can be a considerable disadvantage when it comes to certain types of products.

Time Delay

Typically, there is a delay in receiving your purchase while it is being delivered. However, if you buy it from the store, you can take it home right away.

2. Product Description

When you purchase something online, some vendors provide misleading product description or image which doesn’t represent the products correctly.

4. Delivery

When purchasing a product online, delivery issues may arise. Either the product is delivered broken or not at all. Even though it might only happen sometimes, it can be incredibly time-consuming and frustrating when it occurs.

5. It’s Impersonal

There is very little scope for building any sort of rapport with the seller when you go to buy a product online. This makes the process very impersonal. There is no shop owner or employee to give you specialist advice, help, or tips. Neither is there generally someone to give you follow-up help in person, should you have any problems with your product.

6. It’s Too Easy

There are all sorts of potential psychological and emotional problems associated with the ease with which people can buy online. Impulsive buying, addiction, overspending, and debt-related issues can all be exacerbated.


Shopping online is here to stay and with all the disadvantages still, it is convenient for a lot of people which is why eCommerce is booming. Furthermore, shopping online is evolving and businesses try to make shopping online as real as shopping in a store that is why many stores trying to incorporate VR into their store. Shopping online in Yemen still in its early stages and we do have numbers as to what is the size of the eCommerce industry is and the lack of trusted online payment which will make shopping online is an easy experience.

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