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Selling online in Yemen

Only few people use emails, people don’t trust online stores, I don’t have Internet, I have to hire someone to manage my store, this some of the replies I get when I tell sellers to start selling their products online.

We all know The Internet is becoming inevitable. Technology has shaped every aspect of life and shopping and selling online is one of them. If you are a vendor who doesn’t sell online then you are missing an excellent opportunity to expand and reach more audiences. 

I know compare to other countries we still at the bottom of the ladder in the e-commerce business but I am sure things will improve fast specially as many banks and private companies are investing on fintech which will have major impact on improving online shopping experience.

If you are a vendor and want to increase your sells and open a new market and reach more customers. 

you have three options 

  1. Open a branch on other area to target more customers. but with this option you need to rent place and then spend on decoration and a monthly operation budget including electricity, salaries and many other things. 
  2. Open a Facebook account and start selling on the Facebook and Instagram but with this option you are handling everything from marketing to creating everyday content and manage the delivery of products and customer inquiries and many other things. and believe me it is not as easy as you think.
  3. To sell your product on e-commerce marketplace like E-Mall. In this option you are opening a new virtual shop for very low fees, you will have dashboard that will help to manage your product and orders. The advantage in this option is E-Mall marketplace will take marketing, managing your orders and delivery to your customer off your shoulders and let you focus on your business. And also, you will have a virtual shop that can reach to 2.8 million people who is using the Internet in Yemen. (Below is snapshot of vendor dashboard)

With many online payment services coming soon to the market and many already available shopping online will be a norm for many customers .so don’t consider selling online as a wasting  of time and you just do it when you got time, selling online should be part of your daily work. 

Now let me walk through how you can easily open your next branch online and start selling your product immediately with E-Mall 

  • Go to E-Mall e-commerce marketplace. Click register in order to start creating your online store, once you are logged in you can start adding products and start selling. you will get a free training on how to run your online business from your dashboard. Our E-Mall Advisors will help you at every step and fully assist you in taking your business online (click her for step-by-step guide on how to get you started) 
  • Receive orders to your email and your dashboard on your account when the customer buy your products. Choose to accept or reject the order from customer.
  • Prepare your product and package it for delivery. E-Mall team will contact you and collect your Product.
  • E-Mall Team will Deliver your product to you customer and collect your money for you.

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