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  • Ceramic ionic hair straightener from United company

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    Sold By: New Trend

    Best ionic ceramic hair straightener
    Suitable for all hair types
    With one year warranty invoice
    Company: United
    Type: smoothed.
    Colour: red.
    Model: Un-1091.
    the description:
    Strong original titanium ceramic straightener plates that glide easily on hair.
    It distributes heat evenly on the hair without harming it.
    – Infrared straighteners, to make the hair even temperature from the inside out to protect the health and shine of the hair.
    Special LED for temperature, for better temperature control.
    – digital screen

  • Hair removal Machine

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    Sold By: New Trend

    hair removal device

    Sold By: New Trend

    Hair removal Machine

  • Hair styler and brush for styling and drying hair From Sokany HB-841-2

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    Sold By: New Trend
    Designed to blow hot, humid or cold air, more humid, towards the hair, in order to evaporate water molecules, leaving a beautiful shine and allowing easy and wonderful styling.

    *Consumption of 1000 watts

    *Two functions: hair dryer and brush

    *Supplied with a brush head and a drying head

    * Leaves your hair shiny without volumizing it

    *3 speeds

    * Hot / cold air

    cable rotation *360

  • Kemei KM-189A Lady Body Scraping Shaver Female Razor Hair Shaver Hair Remover Epilator

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    Sold By: New Trend
    fter-sales Service Provided:
    Car, RV, Outdoor, Hotel, Garage, Commercial, Household
    Power Source:
    lady hair remover
    Power Supply:
    Place of Origin:
    Brand Name:
    Model Number:
    lady hair remover
    100-240V 50/60Hz
    Product Packaging Size:
    Gross Weight:
    600mah ni-ch battery
    High level
    Charging Time:
    8 hours
  • kemei women electric shaver 3 in 1

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    Sold By: New Trend

    This lady shaver is Rechargeable ,Stainless steel blade removes even the shortest, finest hair from legs, face, underarms, bikini line and other sensitive areas easily . It has professional designed appearance,soft touch switch, safe and beautiful out-looking,ergonomic and low noise design. Ideal for all skin types

    • Product: Rechargeable callous remover
    • Model: KM-1107
    • Input Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
    • Power Consumption: 3W

    • Charging time: 8H

    • Using time: 45min

    • Machine weight: 125g

    • Functions: 3 in 1
    • Color: Red
    • Cleaning: with brush

    • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 Year

    • Safe and beautiful out-looking
    • Adjustable recision high-carbon steel/stainless blade
    • Ergonomic and low noise design
    • High quality and best price
    • Plug and play lady’s shaver
    • Micro-processor regulated cutting speeds

    Safety Warning :
    Do not reach for your unit if it has fallen into water,unplug immediately the unit.
    Do not use your remover while bathing or in the shower.
    Do not place or store your unit where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink of water.
    Except when charging ,always unplug this shaver from electric outlet immediately after using .
    Unplug this remover before cleaning.

  • Teeth whitening pen

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    Sold By: New Trend
    Teeth discoloration is usually caused by the consumption of colored foods, such as: berries, red dyes, coffee, tea, and dark colored soft drinks.
    Teeth change color or become yellow due to smoking as well, so the teeth whitening pen is useful for all these cases.
    The teeth whitening pen is easy to use and helps get rid of the pigments on the teeth in a very short time.
    The teeth whitening pen contains peroxide as the main substance responsible for teeth whitening.
    It can be included in the dental cleaning tools to be used twice a day. The whitening pen can be used after brushing and toothpaste.
    Follow the instructions listed on each product which often include applying the whitening gel to the teeth and keeping it on for a period of time for best results.
    It is advised to avoid consuming drinks and food after using the whitening pen for at least an hour in order to get the best results.
    Teeth whitening pen features
    Here are the main features of the teeth whitening pen:
    Ease of use:
    The use of a teeth whitening pen is much easier than using other whitening methods, and it can be carried with ease due to its light weight.
    Ease of control:
    Teeth can be whitened with the whitening pen easily as it is easy and simple to control.
    the cost:
    The teeth whitening pen is inexpensive when compared to other teeth whitening methods
    Sold By: New Trend

    Teeth whitening pen

  • Thread plucking and hair removal device from Sokany

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Sold By: New Trend
    The original, beware imitations

    * The best way to remove hair from the roots without infections or fear is the method of thread. in a safe and fast way. While enjoying smooth skin for long weeks,,,.*

    💞 Equipped with a light that illuminates to be convenient to see the hair,,,
    💞 And also inside the package there is a thread and a powder of powder
    💞Perfect for all skin types
    💞 It can be used in all areas of the body and in places of thin hair such as the face and hands,
    💞 Helps you remove hair from its roots in an easy and simple way.
    💞 Delays hair growth for a very long time
    💞 Works with charging and has a long-lasting battery 100%,,,
    💞 The epilator is designed for comfort and convenience
    💞 Lightweight, allowing you to take the device with you anywhere

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